Personal Yoga Assistant

Have you ever dropped into child’s pose hoping the assistant will come and give you some love? Or perhaps you’ve experienced a pose in a brand new way because of an unexpected assist you received? Touch has the power to transform our experience at any given moment. With a Personal Yoga Assistant by your side you can feel what it is like to be completely grounded and present in your practice. It is through our connection with others that we discover our Self.

You receive

  • A Zuda Personal Yoga Assistant to assist just you for a full 75-minute vinyasa class.
  • Massage!
  • Hands-on adjustments and assists based on your preference of pressure and connection.
  • Modification options for different poses.
  • A brief review of your goals and needs before class to ensure we create your desired experience.
  • Time for questions and feedback after class.

Come Prepared

  • IMPORTANT: Set up mat in the back corner near the stereo
  • Arrive 20 minutes before the class begins to ensure there is enough time to go over your preferences
  • Wear clothes that allow comfortable movement
  • Avoid eating at least 1 hour before class
  • Bring water, towel and yoga mat (rentals available)
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Cost: $45

Does not include the cost of the class.

To book a session with a personal yoga assistant, please email the Roseville Lead Assistant Laren at

There is a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy for personal assisting sessions.

“Touch comes before sight, before speech.
It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth.”
- Margaret Atwood